Testimonial from Bronwyn Maxwell

Testimonial from Bronwyn Maxwell
November 16, 2020 Comments Off on Testimonial from Bronwyn Maxwell Testimonials swedesh

What can I say? Nishara coming into our lives has brought a rainbow at the end of the tunnel. My daughter who is 11 years old was told she needed to go to a remedial school. I fought it as I believed that with the right teachers and specialists she would get there.

Working with Nishara for almost 2 years has given my daughter the confidence to want to do the work. Before she wouldn’t try to read a word, it was a matter of guessing. Now she actually tries to read it even if it is difficult.

My daughter even got the ‘Most Improved’ badge, not once but twice last year. I am so very proud of her and am so blessed to have such a wonderful person teaching my daughter and giving her the right tools to read and the confidence in which to do so.

Thank-you for being part of our lives.

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