Testimonial from Jennifer Cromie

Testimonial from Jennifer Cromie
Nov 17, 2020 No Comments Testimonials swedesh

My son is in the LEAP support class at Glenashley Prep and has been working with Nishara for speech therapy for the past 2 years. After years of therapy, Nishara was the first one to identify, test and confirm that he had dyslexia over and above his other language difficulties and she was very supportive to help us get the necessary concessions and support for him in the classroom.

She is very experienced and patient, going back to basics where it was needed so that he could consolidate foundations and start building his reading & language skills again. She has been able to identify the key areas of concern and works meticulously with him on these, even going virtual during lockdown to keep momentum.

His language skill is an ongoing journey, but we have definitely seen improvement in his capability and confidence in reading, which is testament to Nishara’s commitment to supporting him.

I highly recommend Nishara , she is professional , supportive and will tailor an approach for your child’s needs.

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